Silk Overlays-Mystery of Flow Through M/T

Intermediate With Nadja Lancelot

Join Nadja Lancelot as she introduces you to the mystery of her flow through silk painting technique. Layers of silk are overlayed to subtly reveal the hidden meaning and depth within the painting. Gold leaf, acrylic mediums as well as various other techniques will be explored to help add richness and meaning to your pieces. Nadja's painting of ostriches won the People's Choice award at the SPIN Festival in 2018 and it is a good example of the technique that Nadja will teach in this workshop.


Nadja lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden as well as in Burgundy, France where she paints on fine silk using brilliant imported french dyes. She is dual French/American and she is inspired by France's landscape as well as Sweden's own natural beauty. Although she has painted her whole life, she discovered the magic of silk painting in college where she earned a Master's Degree in Costume and Scenic Design. Costuming naturally evolved into a study of fabric dyeing and Nadja was fascinated by the depth and feeling of color and texture that could be achieved in this medium. Having worked in theater and film, Nadja has always maintained her own personal creative integrity by painting images inspired by the natural landscape surrounding her. She has served on the Board of Silk Painters International and the San Diego Guild. She has earned the designation of Master Silk Painter from SPIN and owns and operates her own art studio, Nadja Lancelot Arts, and you will find her on any given day creating, teaching and painting wherever the wind will whirl her!


Workshop Title                                         

 Silk Overlays-Mystery of Flow Through M/T Intermediate

Workshop Dates                                       


Workshop Description

Two day workshop using a technique of layering thin silk paintings on top of one another to create depth and flow. Students will create multiple layers on 5 mm habotai using Jacquard Red Label dyes. These paintings will then be collaged as overlays on a canvas base. Hidden meaning and symbolism is revealed as the viewer observes the underlying imagery. Multi-media finishing touches, making use of materials such as metal leafing and Lumiere paints will add additional layers of depth to your work.

Materials provided  Jacquard Red label dyes, Resistad, applicator bottles and tips, 5 mm habotai silk - 1yd per student, 9"x12" canvases ( 2 per student), matted medium, Golden fluid acrylic in various colors, tracing paper, spray on sealer, metal leaf and medium, bristle brushes in various sizes. soap, masking tap, salt, alcohol.

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • Silk painting brushes
  • Water containers
  • Cups for dye or palettes
  • Drawing supplies (pencil, charcoal, eraser, sharpener, Sharpie pens in various sizes)
  • Sketchbook - any size
  • Gloves
  • Apron