Master Silk Painter

Who is a Master Silk Painter or MSP?

AII of you who are reading this right now are very familiar with the art of silk painting and the many ways to be creative with this art medium. If you are a member of SPIN and are an experienced silk artist then you can apply to become the next MSP.
Master Silk Painter is considered an outstanding silk artist in their skills, creativity and expertise in usage of silk and dyes, design and color. If chosen, by committee, you will be expected to share your knowledge with others through teaching, demonstrations, exhibits and mentoring other silk artists. MSP status is considered to be a lifelong award and we encourage you to add the MSP letters after your name in all your printed material. We feel that the status encourages achievement in silk painting and as such, MSP represents what SPIN wants to reveal to the world of art as a high standard of achievement, inspiring others to work towards this goal.

Every year, you can apply if you are a current member of SPIN. The deadline is January 31st of the following year. The application instructions are in the document entitled "MSP Application". After the deadline, a committee is formed of three reviewers including:

  • a SPIN member in good standing
  • an MSP who is a SPIN member and
  • an independent professional artist, not a SPIN member.

All applications are confidential along with the applicants that do not receive the MSP status.

Please read the MSP Application Form carefully as you will be expected to follow the instructions specifically. An omission of any component of the required application items will eliminate the committee review entirely. The Committee will review your photos of your works as submitted and will not be reviewing any other works, including on your website. The review should be of current pieces from the last five years. The work should reveal consistency in techniques and skills. You are expected to show your "style" that you have developed that is clearly yours. If you have applied and not been selected as an MSP, please do not be discouraged as some MSPs have applied several times before they were selected. The Master Silk Painter standards are clear as you review their work on this website.

Feel free to contact the MSP Chairperson and the SPIN Board Member Julie Cox Hamm, MSP with any questions.