Silk Painting How to

In an effort to support your exploration of silk painting and your curiosity of the art, this section will help answer many questions and inspire you to explore new techniques:

Need help in creating a special piece of silk art?

Not sure how to use certain products designed for silk painting? 

Want to learn a new technique? 

We can help! Simply peruse this section for the information.

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Bolhuis - Wiki

Painting by Linda Bolhuis

Seinen - wiki

Painting by Margriet Seinen


  • Mitzi Ash
  • Nadia Azumi
  • Beatriz Castro
  • Paula Carnell
  • Addie Chernus
  • Doshi
  • Renée Filice
  • Jane Fink
  • Phyllis Gordon
  • Ron Gutman
  • Carol Hunter-Geboy
  • Annette Jonczyk
  • Suzanne Knight
  • Becky Kyhl
  • Gloria Lanza-Bajo
  • Linda Marcill
  • John Mitchell
  • Mary Kaye O'Neill
  • Suzanne Punch
  • Constance Simonsen
  • Ursula Wamister
  • Deborah Younglao
  • Lee Zimmerman
  • Dharma Trading, USA
  • ProChemical and Dye, USA
  • Procolour Craft Dye, New Zealand