FALL 2020


As befits an issue that greets you at the end of the summer, we’re pleased to feature SPIN members making the most of the outdoors to practice plein air silk painting. The Silk Painters’ Guild of Montana, one of SPIN’s recently formed Chapters (2017) have contributed an account of their summertime plein air painting ventures in Plein Air Painting with the Silk Painters’ Guild of Montana.

They have also drawn on their collective experience together to share helpful practical advice with members in The Joys and Challenges of Plein Air Silk Painting.  You’ll find ideas for portable, and improvised, equipment you can readily transport as well as a palpable sense of the ways each artist works with, rather than against, the inevitable challenges of silk painting outdoors to make it such an exhilarating experience.

Imaginative improvisation is also central to the next article. Here, in Open Studios, SPIN member, Becky Kyhl, opens her studio to us and explains how she has improvised to transform a relatively modest and inauspicious space into a functional studio space for her art. Her article provides useful tips for those of us engaged in similar projects, and will definitely encourage those who feel they don’t have the ideal studio space.

For our Fashion section, Beach-Inspired Wearables, SPIN member, Sandy Black, transports us to Florida to share the ways her natural environment provides inspiration for the motifs and palette in her wearable art.

Finally, in our Tools and Techniques section, Susan Louise Moyer shares with us her years of experience working in mixed media silk art. With Moyer’s signature care and attention, Flowing Fabric Paints and Silk Dyes walks us through an invaluable series of steps that enable us to understand the quite distinct methods and effects of working with flowing fabric paints and dyes on silk.

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