Winter 2023 VOLUME 29: ISSUE 4

2023 Winter Silkworm coverVOLUME 29: ISSUE 4


The winter edition of Silkworm is here to help you combat winter melancholy by exploring the theme of warmth in various forms and highlighting ways to maintain a positive spirit during the cold season.


You'll find articles such as "The Power of Liturgical Banners" by Joyce Estes, which delves into how faith influences sacred space design. Additionally, we get an introduction to Jill Quillian's unique silk painting and calligraphy style.


If you're looking to keep your silks in good condition, you'll find some helpful tips within these pages. And for those seeking warmth and inspiration during the cold months, "Winter Warm-up" highlights the power of imagination.


Overall, this publication is designed to offer you a range of inspiring and uplifting information to brighten up your days in the winter months.


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