SPIN Signature Membership


Diane Lawrence Sunset

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Deadline for the next round of evaluations is

January 31, 2021

See the link to the guidelines below. 


Silk Painters International has endeavored to raise the bar on the quality of work and aspirations of silk artists, demonstrating to the world the range of modern possibilities in this ancient medium. In 2009, the designation of Master Silk Painter was initiated to indicate both accomplished technical prowess and mature artistic expression on silk. In all, fifteen silk painters, now known as MSPs were given this designation in hopes of inspiring excellence in everyone who takes up the medium.

As Signature Membership has evolved, the current designation for all applicants will be Master Silk Painter (MSP). This honorific title covers all forms of work on silk, as long as silk is the primary material component.

SPIN members are invited to apply by means of the Guidelines,with the awareness that responsibilities to contribute to the SPIN community of artists come along with the honors. Please make sure you follow the Guidelines thoroughly.The MSP committee looks for the applicant's voice as seen through his/her serious focused pursuit of an area the applicant is inspired by and a high level of professionalism in content and presentation. It is advised that the applicant enlist the aid of a MSP mentor and/or professional artist in his/her chosen area of expertise to ensure an objective review before submitting the application. If you should need help, please contact the MSP Chairperson at spin.msp@gmail.com.

The worlds of craft, fine art and the fashion industry all benefit from the multi-dimensional efforts of silk painters today, pushing the boundaries of the medium in new and beautiful ways.



Current SPIN Signature Members

Lenaria (Len) Brondum, MSP

Julie Cox-Hamm, MSP


Audrey Durnan, MSP

Tina Gleave, MSP

Christy Greene, MSP

David Higgins, MSP

Jan Janas, MSP

Phil Lack, MSP

Nadja Lancelot, MSP


Diane Lawrence, MSP

Jean Louis Mireault, MSP

Linnea Pergola, MSP

Suzanne Punch, MSP

Cheri Reckers, MSP

Sissi Siska, MSP

Karen Sistek, MSP

Merridee Joan Smith, MSP 

Lee Zimmerman, MSP