Take your Paper Patterns to a Digital World


 All Levels With Joan Hitchcock and Sue Wachter



Technology and fun can actually go together!

Bring new life and purpose to those patterns that have been put away, hidden in drawers or rolled up in the corner. These legacy patterns can be repurposed to allow someone else to enjoy them, teach a class with them or sell them online. During this workshop you'll learn how to prepare your old or new patterns. Transformed into a digital file, it can be uploaded. The pattern can then be downloaded and either printed at a print shop in full size or printed on a home printer and pieced together. The workshop will assist you with all the technical ins and outs. We'll have lots of "fun breaks" providing you lots of opportunities to practice as we design and paint multiple new patterns and prepare step by step directions. 


Combined, Joan and Sue have over 20 years of teaching experience in various mediums including silk dyeing, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media, nuno felting and three dimensional felt sculptures.

Workshop Title                                         

 Take your Paper Patterns to a Digital World- All Levels

Workshop Dates                                       

 10/07/2021 - 10/08/2021

Workshop Description

 Take your old retired patterns that are tucked away in a drawer or rolled up in a corner and create digital files that can be sold. Learn what works for a good image to scan, where to get your scanning done, how to resize your image and what files and documents are good to include with your pattern.


Materials provided  four 11"x11" silk handkerchiefs, dye, fixative, resist, freezer paper, drawing paper,  11x17" paper, some design tools to share, tracing paper and hand outs

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • laptop or tablet with drawing program loaded before arriving and the knowledge to navigate and find files on their system
  • Autodesk Sketchbook is a good FREE drawing program if you don't have one
  • stylus or pen if you have a touch screen
  • thumb drive
  • tools that you like to design with such as ruler, french curve, triangle, bendy rulers etc..
  • pencils and sharpener
  • 2 new fine point or ultra fine point Sharpie markers
  • a pattern that you would like to convert to a digital file (not required you can create a new design in class if you would like)
  • if you are bringing a pattern you've designed and painted, have images of the painted piece on your device
  • silk painting brushes
  • thumb drive 32GB or larger
  • digital camera or phone camera
  • optional; silk stretchers or whatever method you use for stretching 11"x11" silk