Spirit Masks- a Multi Media Creation TH/F

All Levels With Hellenne Vermillion




The objective of this workshop is to inspire the participant to think outside the box and combine the 3D shaping of silk organza with silk painting and scrap pieces along with other media to create a  human/nature spirit art mask. We will use the experiments and not so successful dyed silk pieces we have as part of this endeavor. Participants will learn that these items can be rescued and re-purposed into another art form. Those who may want something more than a painted silk fabric may enjoy this challenge.
Influenced by Shintoism and Buddhism growing up in Japan, Hellenne Vermillion takes
two of her fabric mediums - fiber and clay - and combines them to create one of a kind
Spirit Masks. Based on all things in nature having a spirit, and with human face masks as
a base, she combines elements of nature using dye painted silk, silk and fabric scraps,
discarded daily objects, and things found in nature to enhance the image.

Hellenne lives in Atlanta and has taught for many years from her home studio, at SPIN Festivals and at Senior Centers through the SEFAA Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance.



Workshop Title                                         

 Spirit Masks- a Multi Media Creation TH/F All Levels

Workshop Dates                                       


Workshop Description

The objective of this workshop is to inspire the participant to think outside the box and combine shaped silk organza with silk dye painting and scrap pieces with other media to create a human/nature spirit art mask. 


Materials provided Wires, strings, beads, some found objects, some acrylic paints, silk fabric scraps, mask, wool roving, fabric

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • sewing needles and thread of any color
  • scissors
  • mod podge, basic matte, small jar (8oz or less)
  • inexpensive paint brushes to use for glue, painting
  • plastic containers for rinsing water and mixing paints
  • discarded objects around the house (bottle caps, thin electrical cords, junk jewelry, etc)
  • dyed silk fabric and scraps