Funky Fiber Fun


 Intermediate/Advanced With Sissi Siska


Students will learn to add depth, texture and interest to their artwork using metallic foils and glue, discharge paste and alcohol removal, thickeners, Resistad/gutta, spongeing, stamping, and stenciling on various fabric samples. The workshop will incorporate the tips, tricks, short cuts and special embellishment treatments developed from Sissi's 30+ years of painting on silk with observation, demos, and hands-on experimentation. Sissi is noted for her skills in painting for top NYC garment center fashion labels and Couture Designers. 

Sissi Siska is a leading American voice in silkpainting. Her work is prominently featured in Susan L. Moyer's classic book Silkpainting: The Artist's Guide to Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques, now considered the "Bible" of silkpainting. Her custom fabrics have appeared on Broadway stages and on the runway of Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi. Sissi's framed fine art silk pieces have been widely exhibited and are in collections worldwide. Her large scale banner piece was featured in a joint show and silk seminar at the United States Botanic Garden, Washington, DC in January 2004. 

Sissi's teaching credits include three SPIN Festivals and many places around the NYC/New Jersey area. She was recently featured in American Artist Magazine (online) validating the work of all silk painters as a Fine Art form.


Workshop Title                                         

 Funky Fiber Fun TH/F - Int/Adv

Workshop Dates                                       

 10/07/2021- 10/08/2021

Workshop Description

Students will work at their own pace to create 2-6 sample pieces in class, utilizing description and hands-on demos of a variety of Sissi's own techniques related to silk painting and costume arts. 


Materials provided  For classroom use: various metallic foils and glue, discharge paste, thickeners, markers, Resistad, synthropol, sponges, stencil materials, alcohol, spray bottles, fabric samples, pressing cloth, steel pushpins, freezer paper, fabric crayons, dye markers, 16+ pages of notes regarding suppliers and tools.

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • small set of dyes (prefer Dupont dyes)
  • water jar
  • set of brushes
  • 1-2 sponge brushes
  • Resistad
  • pipettes
  • small frame of choice (appx 10"x12")
  • hairdryer with cool setting
  • small embroidery hoop
  • Q-tips
  • small watercolor palette w/ 6-8 wells
  • two squeeze bottles
  • 4 small (1-2 oz) jars or containers with lids
  • a notebook
  • designs in process to embellish or silk fabric of choice