Live and Let Dye: Creating Framable Art on Silk


Intermediate/Advanced With Renee Filice

This silk painting workshop will teach you how to bring your painting ideas to fruition without spending a lot of time and/or skill on the initial drawing stage. Learn how to use images from your own photographs or other sources for your paintings using shortcuts and tricks of the trade without being a skilled illustrator. A variety of line drawings will be provided which students can mix and match to produce a personal one-of-a-kind framable painting. Color theory, the absolute hallmark of silk painting, will be explored and addressed. You will work with the age old gutta serti technique, using a resist to enclose applied dyes. In order to avoid white outlines (produced when applying clear gutta on white silk) students will practice the advanced technique of underpainting.

If you love color and want to take your painting ideas to the next level, this workshop is for you!

Renee has always loved to draw, and when she learned to apply color to her drawings, a whole new world in art opened up for her. After a career as a counselor, she started painting watercolors and soon discovered the joys of painting on silk. On white silk fabric, she paints the dyes and watches them quickly spread and become absorbed into the silk fibers for an amazing transparent and luminous result.

Renee firmly believes that color influences mood and feelings. She likes to use color mixes and combinations that are bold, lively and zesty. In addition, she wants her subjects to transport her to another location – a mini-vacation in her studio.

All of Renee's work reflects things she loves and has meaning to her: Italian ceramics, vintage 50’s linens, flowers, as well as landscapes of California, the Mediterranean, and the tropics.

Renee's paintings on silk have been exhibited and sold through galleries in Morgan Hill, Los Olivos, Kenwood, Capitola, and Carmel, California and are in collections throughout the U.S. and in Europe. She teaches silk painting at the Filoli Garden Estate in Woodside, and in Morgan Hill and Capitola. Renee lives and paints in Morgan Hill and Aptos, CA.

Workshop Title                                         

 Live and Let Dye: Creating Framable Art on Silk TH/F - Int/Adv

Workshop Dates                                       

 10/07/2021- 10/08/2021

Workshop Description

This silk painting workshop will teach you how to bring your painting ideas to life without being a skilled illustrator using tips and tricks of the trade.


Materials provided  silk, dyes, gutta or Resistad, resist applicators, palettes, paper towels, water cups, disposable gloves

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • three round watercolor brushes approx size 6, 8 and 12
  • four sheets drawing paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • 20"x 24" stretcher bars with attachments
  • washable pencil (General's Sketch and Wash) 
  • hair dryer