Abstract Layered Designs on Silk M/T

All Levels With Becky Kyhl



This workshop is for the artist who wants to use soy wax to create abstract designs on silk. You will learn how to produce fluid, harmonious designs throughout the length and width of your scarf building visual depth with layers and color uniformity. You will learn how to texture, blend and choose colors to create natural patterns and interesting surface designs. You will leave class with two or more scarves and a detailed instruction guide to take home. 

Becky is an experienced, relaxed, fun teacher. She honed her teaching skills with 25 years of teaching high school students. Now Becky teaches silk painting in her home studio in Iowa, informal workshops, art centers, galleries and at the last SPIN
Festival in 2018


Workshop Title                                         

 Abstract Layered Designs on Silk  M/T -- all levels 

Workshop Dates 


Workshop Description

 Two day workshop using wax layering techniques.


Materials provided  Instruction guide with step-by-step directions, dyes and dye thinner, two frames and lifting system with push pins elastic and bent quilters pins for each student for your use in class (students will be allowed to assemble their frames the evening before class), paper supplies, soy wax, use of sponge roller and wax brushes, dry salt brush. For your class use and to purchase after class if desired: Specimen cups with screw-on lids ($.60 each) and/or sponge rollers ($5.00 each)

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

  • brushes: one "mop" brush and four or more round brushes like "cat's tongue" or "oval wash" or brushes of your choice that carry a lot of dye
  • one skinny brush for "fine tuning"
  • at least four 14"x72" blank silk scarves (prefer silk satin because it can hold depth of color and wax well)
  • apron or old clothes
  • vinyl/latex/nitrile gloves
  • color wheel
  • ziplock bags to take your silk home to be steamed
  • spray bottle (dollar store)
  • small containers to hold dyes with lids or tops
  • pan to hold dye containers like an old cake pan
  • wide mouth jar or plastic cup for rinse water