Perfecting Traditional and Contemporary Shibori


Beginning/Intermediate With Doshi - FULL

Shaped resist dyeing is a textile art that is thousands of years old. In Japan it is known as Shibori, in other cultures by a variety of names; Plangi, Bandhani, Adire and Tie-Dye. While applying pressure to shaped fabrics before and during dyeing, we can create exquisite patterns of infinite variety on textiles. Samples from all over the world provide unending approaches to practice resist techniques such as stitching, knotting, pole wrapping, clamping and rope wrapping. Contemporary Shibori artists have further modified and created their style in the art of shaped resist. 

There will be instruction and demonstration on the basics and more contemporary techniques of arashi, itajime and ori-nui Shibori. Emphasis will be on perfecting resist techniques; creating clear resisted areas and beautiful textures. We will use a variety of methods to apply dye; comparing immersion, painting and pouring techniques. We will also discuss inspiration and choosing color.     

For 30 years Doshi created costumes for theater, ice skating, stunt shows and TV. In 1999 she began creating a line of wearable art and exhibiting in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. Doshi is also a professor of Costume Design at California State University Long Beach where she supervises and teaches costume design, patterning, accessory construction and dyeing. Spontaneity has been a recurring theme in Doshi's life and has found vivacious expression in her collections of garments and wall pieces. Doshi combines an exploration of shaped resist dyeing with a striking color palette to create work that pulsates with energy. Her hope is that wearing her garments will coax festivity out of the ordinary. "I want people to feel the same sense of joy and vitality that I had making the piece."   


Workshop Title                                         

 Perfecting Traditional and Contemporary Shibori M/T Beginning/Intermediate

Workshop Dates                                       

 10/04/2021- 10/05/2021

Workshop Description

 Two day workshop using advanced techniques to perfect traditional and contemporary Shibori.

Materials provided  Shibori samples and books, handouts, silk scarf to dye, acid dye, citric acid, discharge chemicals, chop sticks, itajimi shapes, clamps, patterns and squeeze bottles.

Cost of materials provided



What students are required to
bring to workshop                          

Notepad and pencil, idea books/magazines/sketchbooks shibori and/or color inspiration, particle mask or respirator, rubber nitrile or latex gloves, water soluable fabric marking pen, clear plastic ruler or measuring tape, scissors, bees wax or Thread Heaven to wax thread, needles with eye large enough for thread but not so large that it leaves holes in your fabric, heavy duty thread, large ball or cone of sturdy string, silk fabric in a variety of weaves without finishes and scroured prior to class, metal spring clamps 4" and 6", wooden clothespins and /or binder clips, rubber bands, rope nylon polyester or cotton 1/4" and 3/4" diameter about 72" in length.