As you know, it takes many dedicated volunteer members of SPIN to run the organization and produce the magazine.  We are looking for volunteers to form a Publishing Team to enhance and further develop the Silkworm. Below are the positions we need. All positions report to the Editor-in-Chief.

Layout and Design:  Tunizia Abdur-Raheem.

Website:  Help develop stories for the Silkworm portion of the website. Should work with the advertising person and marketing person to help market and promote the website.  Person doesn’t have to be adept at programming.  If you want to write or gther stories for the website.

Advertising Sales and Marketing:   Find advertisers for the magazine and/or the website. Develop marketing strategies for promoting the magazine. We have a media kit available for download below.

Circulation:  This person finds locations to place the magazine (universities, libraries, craft stores, websites, etc.).  It’s possible that this person could also be the Ad person.

Copy Editor:  Phyllis Gordon.

Writers:  Need freelance writers to whom we can assign stories. Pays in contributor copies. Membership in SPIN is not required.

Please contact the Editor via the contact page.