Orchids, Beauty and Beyond!
Silk Banners at the U.S. Botanic Gardens

In 2004, select Silk Painters International members, whose art was selected by jury, were displayed at the United State Botanic Garden, co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute.  Below are some images from the show.  Many of the photos are courtesy of the U.S. Botanic Gardens.  Check out Silkworm Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 2 to read more about this show.


Karen Sistek - Orchid Show Photo 1

Karen Sistek, MSP at the Smithsonian

Karen Sistek - Orchid Show Photo 2

Karen Sistek's Banner up close


 Botanic 1

Julie Jennings, Orchids in the Breeze
Janet Haefner, In One Branch of Art and Glory

 Botanic 2

Meridee Smith, MSP, Sophrolaeliocattleya Jewel Box
Christine Sutherland, MSP, Dark Waters
Jan Janas, MSP, Paphiopedilum Phiippinense


 Botanic 3

Karen Sistek, MSP, Jane Marie
Kim DelRe, L'Art Pour L'Orchides

Botanic 4 

Julie Jennings, Four Sisters and Hawaii


 Botanic 5

Sissi Siska, MSP, Mauve Orchids with Ginger
Liena Dieck, MSP, Brassocattleya "Mount Adams"
Diane Gebara, Honeymoon


 Botanic 5 - Sutherland

Another View, Photo courtesy of Christine Sutherland, MSP


Botanic 6 - Sistek

Photo courtesy of Karen Sistek, MSP

Botanic 7 - Sistek

Karen Standing with Her Banner