Photos from the 2013 Mini-Festival in Tallahassee, FL.

 SPIN Registration Gloria Lanza-Bajo, Diane Tuckman and Terry Tabor at
registration desk. 
 Joyce Estes, President, the first day
of registration.
Suzanne Knight getting ready for fashion show

Kaki Steward, Vice President and Joyce Estes, President

Sheila Walsh and Vicki Luffman

Terry Tabor, Diane Lawrence, Kimberley 


  Review of those getting ready to enjoy the Festival.

Instructors Deborah Younglao, Suzanne Punch, Mary Edna Fraser and Marcia Ferris



Diane Tuckman with her beginner class

Samples from classes and tools of the trade.  
This is the work from the Gallery opening.  Sorry I don't have the artist for each but
thought you'd like to see the great work everyone submitted.


Joyce Estes and Gloria Lanza-Bajo


Mary Edna Fraser




Gloria Lanza-Bajo with her artwork at Tallahassee Festival 

Small squares used to make centerpieces for the special art in motion dinner. 
Festival 2013 Marcia Ferris Festival 2013 Kaki Steward
            Marcia Ferris with her artwork at Tallahassee Festival        Kaki Steward with her artwork at Tallahassee Festival












Festival 2013 Diane Lawrence Festival 2013 Board  
Diane Lawrence with her artwork at Tallahassee Festival

  Board Members at 2013 Festival: left to right Gloria Lanza-Bajo, Mary Umlauf, Kaki Steward, Suzanne Knight, Suzanne Punch, Joyce Estes

Mary Edna Fraser

Suzanne Punch

Mary Umlauf

Joyce Estes


Diane Tuckman


Ann, director of LeMoyne, with Joyce Estes

   Getting ready for Art in Motion



Terry Tabor and Joyce Estes

Gloria Lanza-Bajo and Suzanne Knight

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