Website Chair

Job description: To oversee, moderate and periodically update the SPIN website.

No programming or coding experience needed, just a general knowledge of online platforms such as websites, galleries, google, email etc… Our webmaster handles all of the technical aspects andanswers questions related to use and functionality of the website.

Time Commitment: about ten hours per month depending on the time of year and special projects. The biennial festival is a time of greater website use.

Overall responsibilities 

  1. Oversee look and functionality of the SPIN Website

  2. Help Spin members, by answering questions about the use and functionality of the website.

  3. Supervise specialty categories and volunteers such as: “magazine”, “exhibits, “vendor discounts”, “store”, “blog posts”, “contest gallery”.

  4. Update images for the new and existing members and news line.

  5. Upload, design and send out monthly Eblasts

  6. Coordinate with Webmaster in England for changes and fixes to website

  7. Provide support to the SPIN as a graphic designer.

Future Goals: 

  1. Make sure every member has an image in the Members Directory Gallery

  2. Create a private tutorial channel

  3. Create a contest gallery

  4. Create a blog post page

  5. Research of desirable merchandize items for SPIN members