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Creative Space

Every time I walk into my studio, especially this time of year I am reminded once again of how much junk I’ve been able to amass over the years. Because of multiple interests within the field of Silk art, I have collected many of the tools needed for each of those. It makes me think of the often posted quote something to the effect of “Why pay for something ready-made when you can spend a fortune buying everything needed to make it yourself.” When I try to clean house, each bundle of tools, dyes, fabric etc. makes me want to dive right in and create something else. As a result, everything gets a reprieve and little if anything is thrown out. 

My studio is relatively small (15’x18’) with very little natural light. The reason I use artificial light is due to the fact that it’s built under our driveway. Because of my past life as a teacher, I’ve learned how to organize and with the help of a clever husband we’ve added many space-saving tools. A closet door, on saw horses, now serves as a work table. The bike hooks from the garage have become hangers for electrical tools. A beauty shop trolley holds dyes. Two hot plates on top of a board and a wire bookshelf hold the steamer. Since we could plan the studio from the get go, I have water, a double sink, outlets galore and a floor that does not show spills,(no really!).

Pictures of my family which includes dogs, a copy of my first check, posters from various festivals, color charts, inspirational pictures, and quotations adorn my walls.  With all this, I understand that in order to start a new project I first have to be able to get in the door.  So now I’m back to the realization that creativity requires not only a physical space but space within that sanctuary. If you are lucky enough to have a workspace make sure it’s open enough to allow your creativity to abound.