Second Notice Call for Fashion


Transcendent Silk...Beyond the Ordinary

SPIN Fashion Show 2018  

Wednesday, October 10, 7:30 p.m.
Reception and sale follows the show

New Entry deadline, July 31, 2018 

Your wearable art silk garments, modeled and displayed in a runway venue held during SPIN Festival 2018 at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. If accepted, you may also elect to make your creations available for sale during the reception after the Fashion Show.

  • Members Only:To become a member, click here

  • Entry Fee:$30

  • DEADLINE for entries: Tuesday, 31 July 2018



Please Include the following in your entry:

  • Your name, phone, email address, and snail mail address

  • Title of your work (no more than 5 words each)

  • Limited to 3 entries

  • Photographs: one set of 3 images for each entry preferably on a model or mannequin: (front view, back view, and close up), JPEGS please, 300dpi, 2008 px X 3008 px. max.) SPIN owns the picture submission. (Please note that the website will only accept one image per entry; email your other two images per entry to SPINFASHIONSHOW2018.)

  • Date of creation (year)

  • Materials used (No more than 25 characters) [Any item must be at least 75% silk]

  • Technique (no more than 15 words)

  • Size of each entry (preferably one size fits all or real size Small-Medium-Large, include the real size of an ensemble, size of a scarf, e.g. 14 in.x 72 in.)

  • Price, if not offering for sale (NFS), (Remember SPIN will retain a 20% commission for any work sold, so price accordingly)

  • Submit Entries for the 2018 Fashion Show here.


The 2018 Fashion Show will be presented at the Silk Festival 2018 - Transcendent Silk, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7:30 pm. All Festival participants are invited and, if previous Festival Fashions Shows are any indication, have been “Wowed” by the presentations. Tickets will be available to the public - so invite your family and friends! A wine and cheese reception follows after the 2018 Fashion Show. Garments for sale will be displayed and available for purchase at 8:30.                                                 


We eagerly anticipate your participation and support of SPIN. Please address any questions to us, Kathy Goodson and Julie Cox-Hamm, at


Kathy Goodson and Julie Cox-Hamm, MSP (Master Silk Painter)

                                SPIN Fashion Show Coordinators 2018