A Certified Antigen test is required within 48 hours prior to arriving at Arrowmont.
We have added a link to an online 3rd party provider, who can verify your self-administered covid test for your convenience.

  1. When you arrive at Arrowmont, you must present proof of a covid-negative Antigen test that has been conducted/supervised by a third party, within the prior 48 hours (2 days) of your arrival at the Arrowmont campus.( Literally, for example - if you arrive on 9/16/22, the test must be dated either : 9/14/22, 9/15/22 or 9/16/22.)
  2. These supervised, quick antigen tests are available at many locations and some are still free, such as Walgreens, CVS, Riteaid, Walmart, and other various locations. Many of these locations will require an appointment, please consider making an appointment now for the required time to be 48 hours prior to your arrival at Arrowmont.
  3. Here is an online covid test provider which you can access from the comfort of your home or if you are on the road traveling:https:https://rapidtestandtrace.com/product/observed-test-for-travel/
  4. Upon arriving at Arrowmont, you will see a table outside the main building. You will present your covid-negative test result (print out or on your phone) to the registrar at this table and she will give you your name badge. Your name badge is basically your pass which will provide you entrance to all activities and denote that you have presented a negative covid test at check - in. You will always wear this badge on campus.
  5. You will then proceed into the building to pick up your Making Magic Happen bag with the program, the Arrowmont info, room assignment and info if you are staying on campus and some goodies!
  6. We will not require you to wear a mask but if you would like to wear a mask, we encourage that, please do.

Thank you for understanding. We are so excited to see you at Arrowmont! Again, please do not forget to reply to this email.